When to Test For Pregnancy

(This is a question from one of my readers, who wanted to remain anonymous.)

Her Question: I’ve been having symptoms of pregnancy that I normally don’t have before Aunt Flo (my period).

I’ve been more tired, getting dizzy spells, nausea, and headaches. My nipples were sore for maybe a day or 2, but no more sore breasts. Also, lower back pain, and I even had mild cramping for about 3 days, but that ended yesterday. I’ve been feeling bloated as well.

Now some of those I do get before Aunt Flo but the others – Never. I’m at 10 DPO (days post ovulation) and had a BFN (big fat negative on pregnancy test) this morning.

I know it can still be early for testing, but I’ve also read that one sign women look for is CM (cervical mucus).

I don’t feel dry, but I haven’t noticed any CM. Does this mean I’m not pregnant?

My Answer:  Cervical mucus is definitely a good indicator of fertility, but many women get pregnant without it being evident.

Perhaps it stays inside the woman’s body instead of draining out because it’s not as prolific.

Getting pregnant in any given month is definitely a miracle. It’s amazing that all the things that need to go right do, in fact, go right in order for pregnancy to occur.

Hormones, our environment, what we eat, the timing of intercourse, the male partner’s health – All these factor into whether we get pregnant in any given month.

On another note, all the symptoms you described could be symptoms of pregnancy – or they could simply be symtoms of your impending menstrual period.

I understand the anxiety of the two week wait between ovulation and your period! Not fun!

However, 10 days past ovulation is usually too early to tell for sure if you’re pregnant. It’s possible to know with a very sensitive pregnancy test.

Sore breasts, cramping, headaches, dizziness, nausea, tingling nipples, food aversions, lower back pain, bloating – all these can be early signs of pregnancy. However, they may not be indicators of pregnancy at all.

So, when to test for pregnancy?

It’s best to wait until your period is due at about 14 DPO – and then wait a day or two more if you’re typically late. Then test when you’re a day or two later than normal.

I know it’s hard to do! I was constantly testing early and getting disappointed. But realize that typically you will understand all the signs and symptoms once you get a positive pregnancy test.

The best first sign of being pregnant is a positive pregnancy test once your period is late.

Here are more early pregnancy signs.

Also, here’s a quiz to help you know if you’re pregnant.

To learn more about improving your cervical mucus, see this page.

Hope that helps!

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