Vaginal Dryness and Infertility

I would like to discuss with you the topic of vaginal dryness. A very personal subject, I know, but one that is essential to address in order to optimize your chance of getting pregnant more quickly.

All of us at one time or another has experienced vaginal dryness, and it’s usually as a result of hormonal changes. Hormones fluctuate up and down throughout the month, making us more “wet” at times and more “dry” at other times.

If we experience a dry vagina leading up to and during ovulation, this can be very problematic for conception chances.

Cervical mucus is the substance that lubricates the vaginal area, and this fluid should be more abundant leading up to a woman’s ovulation time. If the vagina is dry, then sperm will not be able to move through to fertilize the egg.

Well, you may wonder, what influences vaginal dryness, and what can I do to avoid it or fix the problem?

Stress contributes to vaginal dryness as does dehydration and hormonal imbalances.

What can you do?

Exercise and relaxation help to combat stress. If you’re not on a regular exercise regimen, begin to exercise at least three times a week. Walking is a great choice. Spend some time every day relaxing – a bubble bath, walking your dog, talking with a friend, getting a massage, reading – whatever it is that makes you feel relaxed.

Water and more water! Each of us needs to drink at least eight glasses of purified water per day. This is for overall good health, not just for female lubrication and getting pregnant.

If your dryness is the result of a hormonal imbalance, most likely you’re having other issues as well – such as irregular or missed periods or lack of ovulation. Please check with your doctor to have some blood tests run to determine the cause of these issues.

Water will help with hormonal imbalance, but that may not be all you need. It’s best to know the issue you’re facing before attempting to resolve it, even if you resolve it with natural means.

Speaking of water – notice I said “purified” water – not just tap water or cheap bottled water (which is just bottled tap water most of the time). It does matter what type of water you drink and how free of impurities it is.

The water treatment plants do the minimum requirements to make tap water drinkable, but it’s definitely not free of impurities. Water companies are unable to get the THMs–which can cause birth defects–out of our water.

Make sure you have a high-quality water purifier that removes impurities as well as chlorine and bacteria.


If you want to really improve lubrication because you’re baby-dancing a lot in order to conceive (I know how that goes!), you may need a little extra help beyond the above measures.

I have used and recommend Preseed female lubricant. It is a very good lubricant, is sperm friendly, and is very affordable. You can purchase it here.

Lubricants such as KY or Astroglide are not sperm friendly and should not be used when trying to get pregnant.

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