Top Fertility Food List


The following are some foods that are high in nutrition and fertility-enhancing qualities. Consume these regularly, while cutting down on (or eliminating) processed foods, caffeine, and sugars.

Remember this rule for foods – The less it’s been tampered with the better!

And choose organic when you can. For meats, choose pastured and grass fed when possible. For fish, choose wild caught instead of farm raised when possible.

Salmon – Wild caught Alaskan is best. Avoid farm raised. Rich in omega-3 fatty acids. A good alternative if you need to save money is canned salmon, which is almost always wild Alaskan. Eat at least once a week.

Green leafy vegetables – This includes kale, collards, lettuce, spinach, etc. Eat at least one to two servings per day.

Eggs – Farm fresh, pastured, local eggs are best, as they contain much more nutrition and have darker yolks than store bought. Try your local farmer’s market, health food store, or neighbor with chickens. You may pay more, but it’s worth it for the increased nutrition and flavor. Eat one to two per day.

Liver – Rich in folic acid, vitamin B12, niacin, vitamin A, iron, and a host of other nutrients. Try to eat at least once per week. Can be mixed in with other meats in tacos, stir fries, or soups to mask the flavor if you don’t care for liver. Calf liver is the most nutrient rich, but other livers are healthy as well. Seek to find hormone-free, pastured meat if possible.

Full-fat dairy – Yes, I know you’ve heard over and over how fat is bad for us and that we should stick with low fat. But, the truth is – fat is good for us! We need it for digestion, our nervous system, our joint health, our fertility, and much more. It’s especially beneficial when trying to conceive and when pregnant. This includes butter (avoid margarine), cheese, milk (raw or organic), cream, and yogurt. Choose full-fat varieties when possible. They are more nutritious and more delicious!

Nuts/Seeds – Choose a variety, including almonds, cashews, Brazil nuts, hazel nuts, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and more. Eat raw if possible.

Fruits/Vegetables – Choose as many different colors throughout the day as possible. Red, green, purple, orange, yellow, white – these all offer different nutrients needed by your body. The more varied the better. Organic is better, especially for the “dirty dozen” (see the list at the end of this section), but scrubbing and peeling when you cannot afford or find organic is better than not eating the fruits and veggies at all. Another option is soaking in vinegar water for 15-20 minutes to get rid of some of the pesticide residue.

A good way to get many fruits and veggies per day is by eating salads, juicing, and making smoothies daily. You will have more energy and also improve your fertility at the same time.

Poultry/Meat – Choose organic only, and preferably pasture raised. Beef should be grass fed or finished (which is the cow’s natural diet and makes it a much healthier meat). Chicken and other poultry should at least be organic, which only means that it was fed an organic feed. Chickens that are organic and pasture raised are best, as they eat more of their natural diet of grass and insects, making their meat and eggs much more nutritious.

This above excerpt has been taken from my book, “The Best Fertility Herbs and Superfoods For Faster Conception.”  You can read more about it and purchase at this link –