Royal Jelly For Fertility


Flickr photo courtesy of Karen Roe.

Royal jelly is the substance that worker bees produce and feed to the queen bee.

Because the queen bee is the only bee that is fertile within the colony, laying around 2000 eggs per day, this substance is considered to help promote fertility in humans as well.

Due to its high nutrient content, royal jelly has been used for centuries as an overall health tonic and to help with longevity and anti-aging issues.


It is also believed to balance hormones to their optimal levels (which is another great fertility benefit because it improves the chances of conception).

Royal jelly is not just used by women.  Men can also improve their reproductive health with this amazing superfood. In studies, royal jelly has also been proven to improve sperm production in men.

Royal Jelly is rich in many vitamins, amino acids, and proteins. One of its main benefits for fertility is in balancing and regulating hormone levels with regular use.  The significant levels of vitamin B6 make royal jelly potentially beneficial for those with a short luteal phase.

Benefits of Royal Jelly:

  • Enhance libido
  • Improve egg and sperm health
  • Balance hormone levels
  • Reduce signs of aging
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Boost immune system

Infertility Conditions Most Useful For:

  • PCOS (due to hormone balancing effect)
  • Advanced age issues (egg quality and sperm quality)
  • Luteal phase defect (due to the high amounts of B vitamins, specifically B6, which is helpful for normalizing the luteal phase)
  • Irregular cycles

Precautions:  Do not take if allergic to bees.

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* This post is an excerpt from my book “The Best Fertility Herbs & Superfoods For Faster Conception.” 

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