Pregnancy Stories of Infertility Success

Here are some great pregnancy stories to help encourage and offer infertility support to you on your journey to infertility success for yourself.

Many women have problems getting pregnant – You’re not alone! Hopefully, you will be able to relate to one of these getting pregnant stories and will be encouraged to keep trying toward your own infertility success story and not give up.

Pregnancy Story #1 – Pregnant With IVF – My story is really long, so here’s the short version: My husband and I started trying to get pregnant when I was 35. We didn’t get pregnant and saw a reproductive endocrinologist at my OB’s suggestion after a year.

We did ALL of the tests and everything was “normal”. I mean ALL of the tests. We did IUIs, and I got pregnant only to miscarry. We tried IVF several times – more loss and heartbreak.

On our last attempt, we got pregnant at age 40. It can happen! She is sleeping in the other room right now. I had a perfect pregnancy, and she is happy and healthy. I know about all of the tests, process, frustration, sadness, etc., if anyone is going through an IVF cycle or considering it. Hang in there if you are!!

Pregnancy Story #2 – Two Successful Pregnancies Against All Odds – I married in my early 30s and miscarried after three years of trying to get pregnant. I went to a fertility specialist who did surgery on me.

It was discovered that I have PCOS, a unicornuate uterus (like having half a normal uterus), one deformed fallopian tube, and endometriosis. We were told we could never conceive again and to adopt. I read up on charting and temperature taking.

My doctor would not discuss any fertility procedures with us, as he felt it was useless for us to try and conceive. We charted and took temperatures. We prayed and had every Christian we knew praying for us.

We got pregnant three times in a year and lost the babies within six weeks. We conceived a fourth time the same year and when I went to the doctor was told we were having a miscarriage.

I was sent home and told to come back to be monitored for a miscarriage. We prayed with everyone we knew and made it to week 12. The doctor gave me progesterone vaginal inserts to use till week 24.

At week 12, I had a cerclage (sewing the cervix closed). I also developed diabetes during the pregnancy. I was put on progesterone, partial bed rest, and then absolute bed rest at 26 weeks.

My son arrived at 33 weeks by emergency C section and was tiny and frail. He has had some developmental delays but is now a happy and healthy normal child.

I conceived my second child at age 38 with no charting or temps. My OB did not believe I was pregnant because my history told her I could never get pregnant again. I had to take progesterone and was put on bed rest at 5 weeks and had another cerclage.

I had tests that came back saying he had spinal bifida and Downs. I was told I HAD to have an abortion, and I refused. I had to sign a legal document saying I would not sue the doctors for having a handicapped child.

My second son was born full term by VBAC and with NO disabilities. He is my little Einstein. I love to see my Lord defeat obstacles that defy the smartest people. My sons are truly miracles that should have never been born according to the most brilliant minds on earth.

Pregnancy Story #3 – Pregnancy Story At 40 – I wanted kids all my life. I married the first time at 18 and was married to my first husband for 13 years. We never used any contraceptives. I used Clomid, basal thermometer, and had sex every other day, but I never conceived. When I remarried, my second husband wanted no kids, so I used birth control.

I finally conceived but lost it at around 9 weeeks. I was devastated. Finally, I found out I was pregnant with my son. I was 40 years old and scared that I would lose this baby also. But I started going to my OB/GYN early, and he kept a check on my hormone levels, and everything went fine.

I carried my son for almost 42 weeks and loved every minute of it. He was born weighing 8 lb 4 oz.

Pregnancy Story #4 – My Pregnancy Story While Not TTC – We conceived our first child while switching from patch to pill, not while TTC. I gave birth to my son just 6 days before I turned 40 A wonderful and happy surprise! About 10 months later, I discovered I was pregnant again, but this one ended as a blighted ovum.

It was devastating. Even though we had not been TTC yet, we realized now we wanted another child sooner rather than later and began actively trying to conceive.

Then I had a chemical pregnancy and another blighted ovum. Then began the fertility work up. Everything was essentially normal. I began fertility meds with no positive pregnancy. What followed was depression, frustration, and financial stress.

When my husband changed jobs to one with more promise but less security and no benefits, we decided it was time to take a break from TTC. About 3 months later, we discovered I was pregnant! Amazing, to say the least! This one stuck, and we were blessed again with a miracle baby. Our daughter is now 8 months old, and her big brother is 4 years old.

Pregnancy Story #5 – Pregnancy Story After Tubal Ligation – I had my tubes tied (triple burn) at 22. That is another story in itself. So at 30, when I met and married my wonderful husband, we knew that children were not in our future. One day when I was about 35, I woke up and decided that was not working for me anymore. I wanted to be a mom.

The search was on for a doctor to reverse my tubal ligation. After several appointments and several doctors telling me that it was not possible, I found a tubal reversal specialist in another state who said that I had a very good chance of a reversal and getting pregnant. Reversal went just as planned, and everything looked good.

I got a big fat positive only to find out out it was an ectopic pregnancy. I had another BFP that ended in an early miscarriage. Then at age 37 I got another positive and was put on progestrone and estrogen to help hold the pregnancy. I had my daughter in Oct 06.

We started TTC right after our 6 week check up and finally got a BFP a year and a half later. I just turned 40, and our son is due on Thanksgiving Day.

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