Pregnancy Over 40

My Story of Getting Pregnant After 40

Pregnancy over 40 is truly possible, and I’m living proof! At age 41 I’m pregnant again!!

It is currently January 14, 2008, and I am about 14 weeks along. This came as a surprise to me. Although we were trying to conceive a girl, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to get pregnant again, especially pregnant over 40. We are now waiting to see if it’s a boy or girl. We’ll have to wait another month or so to find out.

Getting pregnant after 40 may take a little longer, but it’s very possible. I simply took herbs that increase fertility, such as maca (along with my husband) and ate as good as possible, drinking nettle infusion often. I kept track of my menstrual cycle and when I ovulated by using ovulation detectors in order to take advantage of the best times for baby making.

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Here’s to getting pregnant at 40 and beyond!!

It is now February 11, and I had my first ultrasound today at 18 weeks. I was having some complications with a little bleeding, so they wanted to make sure everything checked out okay.

Everything is great, including the baby, and we saw clearly that we’re having another boy!

Being a bit disappointed because we were hoping for a girl, we are also very grateful and overjoyed that our second little boy is doing beautifully. I really enjoy little boys, and my first son will very much love having a little brother to play with! Now to think of another boy name my husband and I can agree on!

Don’t give up hope for your miracle! Pregnancy over 40 is truly possible!

It is now June 13, and I’m 36 weeks along in my pregnancy over 40 and definitely feeling it! I’m sure that being pregnant after 40 must be more difficult than it would be being pregnant in my 20’s. I am feeling quite a bit more crampiness in this pregnancy than my first pregnancy.

I believe it’s Braxton-Hicks contractions that I’m feeling. I definitely hope that this baby will be coming along early like my first baby – just as long as it’s not before 37 weeks and he’s had enough time to develop properly. I definitely don’t want a pre-term baby!

I will definitely keep you updated on when this little one comes along and post a picture right here! Add me to your RSS feed in order to hear the latest news! And please let me hear from you! I love to hear from my visitors!

If you’re looking for some pregnancy tips, please visit the rest of my site for some great tips for getting pregnant. It’s not only possible to know how to conceive a baby (as this site will help you learn), but it’s also very possible that your trying to conceive struggles will turn into the wonderful pregnancy success that you’ve been longing for.

Don’t lose heart and don’t give up! Achieving optimum fertility after 40 is very doable!

Our wonderful little munchkin arrived on June 24, 2008, three weeks early, much to our surprise!! I was definitely ready to have the pregnancy over with and to see our beautiful son! He is truly incredible and brings completion to our family.

Although this newborn phase is very challenging (especially having a 2-year-old as well), we are adjusting nicely and overjoyed at this wonderful blessing and so thankful I was able to experience pregnancy over 40!

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