Pregnancy After Miscarriage

Pregnancy after miscarriage – Do you wonder if it’s possible?

If you have experienced a miscarriage, then you know how painful it is. Nothing feels quite so crushing and devastating as knowing that you’ve lost your precious baby. No matter how far along you were in pregnancy, it still hurts, and you have questions.

I would like to offer you some miscarriage support.

Why did this happen? Is there something I did wrong? How likely is it to happen again? Will I ever carry a child to term?

I had all these questions too.

Here are some miscarriage facts and good news for you: You will heal, although you’ll always remember what the pain was like. Also, you’re not any more likely to have a second miscarriage if you’ve had one.

I had two miscarriages, both blighted ovums, each was an early miscarriage. I read extensively on this and learned that two blighted ovums didn’t necessarily mean I would have a third one.

If, however, you have had three consecutive miscarriages, especially if they were not blighted ovums, you should see a doctor and try to find out the underlying cause. Sometimes it could be as simple as a luteal phase defect , which can be remedied. Other times, the cause is never known.

I know all too well that simply knowing your chances of having a recurrent miscarriage are no greater doesn’t make you any less nervous when you become pregnant again.  Your next pregnancy after miscarriage will most likely be nerve wracking for you, at least in the first trimester.

My History of Pregnancy After Miscarriage

With my first pregnancy, I told people just about a week after missing my period. I was officially five or six weeks pregnant. Then when it ended in miscarriage, I was not only devastated, I was also embarrassed – for me and for the others who didn’t know what to say during my grief.

With my second pregnancy, I waited a little longer (I think it was about eight weeks) and only told close friends and family.

By my third pregnancy after miscarriage #2, I didn’t make it known until 12 weeks and after I heard the baby’s heart beat.

I know the fear that sets in and how paralyzing it can be.

I got through with many tears and much prayer.

Remember: It is possible to achieve pregnancy after miscarriage and carry a healthy child to term.


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