Ovulation Kits & Fertility Monitors

Ovulation kits are crucial when it comes to determining ovulation. I like to use an ovulation predictor kit along with other tools such as BBT charting and cervical mucus observation.

Using different ovulation testing methods together will give you optimal results and sky rocket you to your goal of pregnancy much more quickly.

I highly recommend that you seek out the very best fertility tools you can get your hands on if you’re truly serious about getting pregnant fast.

With that said, I will describe to you the 3 basic types of ovulation kits and a little about each.

1 – An ovulation predictor kit (or OPK) comes in mid-stream cartridge form or urine test strip form and is used to measure LH (or luteinizing hormone) in the urine.

These can be messy and often confusing. I’ve heard many complaints of evaporation lines and not being able to clearly tell when ovulation will be.

The only difference between the mid-stream ovulation kits and the test strips is that the mid-stream is held under the flow of urine and the test strips are dipped in the urine.

Mid-stream tests also cost a little more than the simple urine test strips. They are very inexpensive but can be tricky for some women to use.

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2 – Ovulation microscopes detect approaching ovulation using a saliva sample, but these can be confusing when trying to interpret the results, as they use a saliva sample to detect ovulation by a ferning pattern seen through the microscope.

3 – Fertility monitors use saliva to detect the LH surge, are way more advanced, and can detect when you ovulate up to 7 days away.

This is HUGE when it comes to timing baby-making sex. They are more costly, but well worth it if you go with a reputable monitor (and want to get pregnant faster!).

Monitors do not use urine sticks, so you don’t have to pee on a stick or in a cup. You also don’t need to buy anything further – like more strips or cartridges.

Ovulation prediction can be tricky.

Thus, it’s very important to GET IT RIGHT each month in order to get pregnant fast.

You don’t have one month to lose …
… especially if you are getting older!

Each month you have a very short window of opportunity to conceive, and if you are craving to get pregnant the way I was, you will want to ramp up your efforts as much as possible during your most fertile times of each month.

With a fertility monitor, you will have the best chance of getting pregnant fast.

And, quite frankly, I believe the best fertility monitor is the Ovacue fertility monitor.

Now, let me answer some questions you may have …

How Effective is the OvaCue Fertility Monitor?

The OvaCue fertility monitor predicts ovulation with 98% accuracy. For an even greater advantage, there are two sensors – both oral and vaginal – for two ways to test for upcoming ovulation – giving you more peace of mind that you WILL detect your ovulation THIS MONTH.

This addition of a vaginal sensor is especially helpful for women with PCOS and irregular cycles.

Is it Simple to Use?

The full-screen color display monitor reveals your ovulation day in calender form on the front of the unit. It is easy to use and convenient, taking just 5 seconds a day.

There is no messy handling of urine.


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What about the cost? Why should I pay this price for a monitor?

This is a good and valid question!

When times are tough and money is tight, it’s wise to balance our finances and not spend unwisely. However, this purchase is well worth your hard-earned money. You will be paying far less than you would pay for infertility treatments.

The OvaCue electronic fertility monitor will grant you the freedom you need to track your ovulation each month – which is a small price to pay for your peace of mind and assurance that you will get pregnant more quickly!

PLUS, with the OvaCue bundle, you will receive access to an exclusive FREE online charting website – OvaGraph – where you have unlimited access to store, chart, and print all of your OvaCue data as well as basal temperature for further ease and convenience.

You also receive a full one-year warranty on the OvaCue monitor. If you should have an issue within that time frame, you can contact their awesome customer service department for replacement of the defective unit. (Fairhaven Health has incredible customer service. They are always very helpful and available to answer any and all questions you have.)

OvaCue is FDA-approved and recommended by fertility specialists

But what if I have irregular cycles?

If you’ve been told that ovulation strips are not effective for you (or you have experienced that first hand), then you MUST try the OvaCue fertility monitor.

As you may already know, having an irregular cycle can make it difficult to predict your ovulation date. Most fertility monitors cannot deal with irregular cycles and mostly provide inaccurate results.

However, the OvaCue monitor is PERFECT for women with irregular cycles, especially when used in combination with the vaginal sensor. (You can purchase the monitor separately or in a bundle with the vaginal monitor included.)

Bottom Line: Women with irregular cycles are able to use the OvaCue to accurately identify their peak fertile time in a way that no other ovulation prediction method can match.

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OvaCue Fertility Monitor

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