Can I Ovulate and Not Get Pregnant?

(This fertility question comes from Misty)

Misty’s Question – My husband and I have been trying to conceive for several months with no success. We really started trying in October, using ovulation kits and calculators, but still no success.  So now I’m wondering if I can even have kids.

My question is: Even though an ovulation kit shows I’m ovulating, I’m having sex at the right time and still not getting pregnant, does this mean that a woman can ovulate and not be able to have children?

My Answer – Misty, I wondered myself if I could have kids, so I understand your anxiety.

There are many different factors to conception. These include whether the woman is ovulating and whether the man’s sperm health is optimal. Another important factor is timing.

Even when all the factors are optimal with the woman ovulating every month, the man’s sperm health being very good, and their timing being perfect, there is still only about a 40% chance each month of becoming pregnant.

It’s not uncommon to try for 6 months to a year without success and not know what’s wrong. This is called “unexplained infertility.”

If you are ovulating, then there is always a chance that you can get pregnant. So don’t give up hope!

I have been pregnant four times with two ending in miscarriage before conceiving my two sons. The first time took me six months. Then it took me 13 months before I got pregnant again. These both ended in miscarriage, and then I got pregnant the month following my second miscarriage and carried the pregnancy to full term.

It’s hard to say why it can take so long. It’s a mystery that we cannot fully control or understand. All we can do is try our best to get our bodies as healthy as possible and get our timing right and leave the rest to the Creator of Life.

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2 thoughts on “Can I Ovulate and Not Get Pregnant?

  1. Yes, you are right Sally. thanks!

    We cannot make life. All children don´t belong to any. Still I will surely be glad to take care God´s children when they are sent in His time.

    All my prayers to our hopes and wishes, Sonia

  2. Good luck. I’m sure its just a matter of tine before it will happen. Just waiting for that good egg! I’m 44 trying for a second child. Even harder when you’re older!! I had my first age 42! He just turned 2. Xx

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