Maca Benefits for Fertility

Maca is a nutrient-dense superfood that enhances the functioning of every body system. Scientific research has proven that it increases fertility. It’s also a great libido booster!

This magnificent superfood restores overall health, thus improving energy levels, sexual function, and fertility. It is not a hormone but a food – a root vegetable similar to a turnip – but it has dramatic effects on the endocrine system. It is an excellent natural fertility aid for both women and men.

Gelatinized is the best form to use if you have digestion issues, as it is more easily digested than non-gelatinized. Gelatinization is a scientific process that removes most of the starch content from the crushed root, improving assimilation by the body.  However, raw is the best for most people, as it hasn’t been heated.

The usual dose is 500-1000 mg per day (as per most bottles), either in capsule or powder form, although it can be used in much larger doses. It is a food and cannot be overdosed. I have found that 3000-5000 mg per day is very effective, or about 1 to 2 heaping teaspoons.


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The powder has a strong musky, earthy taste that is not easily masked in foods, so you may want to either buy the capsules or buy the powder and fill your own capsules.

I originally bought powder form and mixed one to two heaping teaspoons into hot cocoa, which wasn’t too bad. I eventually got tired of doing it this way, as it doesn’t mix up perfectly and became somewhat of a hassle. I’ve heard of others mixing it into smoothies, which is probably a pretty good method, especially if you drink smoothies often.

I now buy the powder form and fill my own capsules. That way I’m able to be more consistent in my usage, which brings better results.

Both the female and male partner should use maca . I had my hubby take his whenever I took mine. I would just lay it out on the counter for him to remember taking it. Since it increases libido, I have found that taking it between menstruation and ovulation is helpful and then give myself a break sometime after ovulation.

Many people ask, “Are there any maca root side effects?” The answer: Since it is a food, there are no known side effects, except possibly insomnia if taken before bedtime. Otherwise, you should be able to take it without any problems whatsoever.



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