How To Get Pregnant Fast

Wondering how to get pregnant fast?

Many couples are wondering just that. And you don’t want to know the obvious. You want to know how to become pregnant beyond the basics of having intercourse.

I would like to share with you some practical tips on how to increase fertility and conceive a baby more quickly.

The best way to get pregnant is to have intercourse during a woman’s most fertile times, which is the time leading up to her ovulation each month. It’s not always easy to detect ovulation each month, and that’s why many couples are struggling with decreased fertility. Just having intercourse whenever you feel like it doesn’t always produce the desired results.

If you’re wondering how to conceive a baby more quickly – you must focus on the correct timing of baby-making intercourse. Some couples make love randomly for months and even years with no success. Therefore, knowing when the woman ovulates and having intercourse leading up to that time is crucial to getting pregnant more quickly.

Learn more about determining ovulation and a woman’s most fertile times.
Understanding ovulation goes hand in hand with understanding when to have intercourse for optimal chances of conception. Cervical fluid consistency is a good indicator of this optimal time for intercourse, and being able to interpret when your cervical fluid is fertile is a very important part of knowing how to get pregnant fast.

The best way to get pregnant is to have intercourse when your fluid is the consistency of egg white. This will occur approximately four or five days leading up to ovulation. A woman will usually feel more “wet” at certain times during her cycle. This is usually when she is more fertile and approaching ovulation.

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How to Increase Fertility

Along with timing intercourse correctly, there are also ways to improve fertility. There are things to avoid and things to do more of. Part of learning how to get pregnant includes stopping certain things such as smoking and illicit drug use. Also important is quitting or reducing alcohol and caffeine intake and increasing your activity level.

Sexual positions can be important as well, although many women have gotten pregnant without concerning themselves at all with the position the couple is in or whether or not she elevates her hips afterwards. To increase your odds for getting pregnant more quickly, however, it is important to utilize as many helpful tools as possible. (More on Improving Fertility)

There are some fertility herbs that are known to help women and men increase fertility. Some are overall good tonics for healthier bodies and reproductive systems and others are used to target specific problems.

Maca is excellent to use for increasing libido in women and men, which is great when a couple is really focusing on baby dancing a lot. Maca is also useful for improving egg quality in the woman. Nettle is a wonderfully nourishing herb with loads of vitamins and minerals, and raspberry leaf is a great general herb for the female reproductive organs.

Knowing how to get pregnant can be tricky sometimes, even though it’s easy to perform the sexual act. But if utilizing some of the best ways to get pregnant, a couple can learn how to conceive a baby more quickly and realize their dreams of having children of their own.

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