How Often to Baby Dance

So, how often should you “do the deed”? or baby dance?

Do you know? or are you just guessing each month?

Personally, I don’t recommend guessing, and it’s not really necessary with all the tools out there to help you get to know your cycle. But if that’s your style – go for it!

But if you’re trying to conceive and want it to happen more quickly, you might want to alter your methods a bit in order to speed up your chances.

I had an e-mail recently from one of my subscribers, and she wanted to know if having sex every day for 30 days was a good plan. I told her that she likely would burn out before the end of the month. Even the most healthy libido can’t go for 30 days straight (correct me if I’m wrong on this).

Since she knew about when she was supposed to ovulate, I recommended having sex every other day about five or six days before that date but not every day.

You see, sperm builds up in the woman’s body and can survive up to five days under optimal conditions. You still want to have plenty of good fresh sperm waiting once ovulation occurs, though, but every day is not necessary. If you are charting and using OPK’s, though, that’s another story (more on that in a moment).

When I was first trying to get pregnant, my OB/GYN recommended starting to have intercourse on day 10 of my cycle through about day 18 – every other day.

That’s a good plan if you have a normal cycle, but if your cycles are long or short or irregular, you need to be more focused. And if you want to get pregnant more quickly, then it’s important to be more focused and knowledgeable about your cycle as well.

I highly recommend using basal body temperature (BBT) charting as well as using OPK’s and cervical mucus observation in order to narrow down when you ovulate each month.

If you are using OPK’s, you will have a very good idea when you will be ovulating. Once the test is positive, you should ovulate within 36 hours. So, you stop testing, have sex that night and the next, then skip a night and have sex one more time for best results for that month.

Read more about determining your ovulation.

You can read more about BBT charting here,

OPK Testing here,

Cervical mucus observation here.

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  1. Hi Sally, I have two kids, am TTC for my third child, I had miscarriage in the month of Jan,Is fibroid the cause, if yes, , but with the the presence of fibroid I conceive my 2 boy.

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