Herbs For Low Sperm Count

SpermA number of herbs are good for promoting a healthy sperm count and motility.  For more information about the basics of male fertility and what the different terms mean, please see my Male Fertility page.

Before moving any further along your journey to parenthood, it’s important that your man gets a semen analysis to make sure his sperm are performing optimally.  It takes two to make a baby – the female and the male partner – and it’s just as likely that the male partner has issues as the female partner.

The semen analysis is very simple, although many times can be embarrassing to deal with.  There are at-home tests, like the one I recommend below, to help ease the embarrassment of being on a public setting to produce the specimen.

I recommend the Sperm Check at-home test from Fairhaven health if you choose to go that route.  Fairhaven Health is one of my trusted affiliate partners.  You can read more about Sperm Check here.

Herbs To Improve Male Fertility

The following herbs have been known to help improve male fertility.  Keep in mind that it can take up to 3 months to see any changes, as it takes that long for semen to replenish in the male system.

Maca:  Helps with sperm quality, libido, and overall hormone balance.

Spirulina: Sperm quality

Royal jelly:  Helps reduce aging, sperm quality, libido, hormone balance.

Damiana:  Helps with erectile dysfunction, sperm quality, azoospermia, and libido.

Tribulus:  Sperm quality, libido (combines well with other herbs such as maca, damiana, and ginseng)

Also important is the mineral zinc.  Since zinc is very plentiful in semen, it’s important that your man get enough of this nutrient when trying to conceive.  Getting 30 mg per day of zinc should be the goal.

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