Fertility Books

Here is a list of my current e-books in the Getting Pregnant Faster series.


How To Zero In On Ovulation For Faster Conception

This Kindle book focuses in ovulation and how to use the various tools to narrow down when to have baby-making intercourse.  Fertility herbs that help ovulation are also discussed as well as ovulation symptoms and common questions.  I have attempted to go into such detail about ovulation that you will understand it fully.  Bonus sections on male fertility and gender selection.



The Best Fertility Herbs & Superfoods For Faster Conception

In Kindle format, this book is all about fertility herbs, superfoods, and other supplements that help promote fertility for women and men.  I go into great detail about 19 different supplements and what fertility conditions each of them help and how to use them.  As a bonus, I provide a fertility foods list of the top foods to help improve fertility in women and men.