More Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Here are some more early pregnancy symptoms to help you know early on if you could be pregnant or not. I know from experience that when a woman is trying to conceive she’s very anxious to find out as early as possible if she’s pregnant. Therefore, she likes to know what others have experienced as very early symptoms of pregnancy.

These women have written to let me know what other early symptoms of pregnancy they have had besides the symptoms from my Very Early Pregnancy Signs page.  Just as every woman is different, every pregnancy can be very different.

See if you can relate to any of these symptoms, and please, if you have any other symptoms you’d like to add, drop me an e-mail with the form below. I’d love to hear from you and be able to add your individual early pregnancy symptoms.

Early Pregnancy Symptom of Excessive Spit – I have had two children and noticed one of the earliest pregnancy signs I had was excessive spit. (Glenda, Kentucky)

Gas-Like Pregnancy Symptoms – About 7 years ago while I was at work I was hit with really bad pains in my lower abdomen. I thought that I had really bad gas pains, so I went to the bathroom like every ten minutes and of course I wasn’t passing anything. So I ended up leaving work due to the pain.

On the way home from work I bought a home pregnancy test. I didn’t think that I was pregnant, but I thought “well maybe”. I hadn’t missed my period yet. I was four days away from when I was due.

The next morning I took the test and sure enough I was pregnant. Ten months after having my son I got pregnant again with my daughter, and I had the same pains so I knew it wasn’t gas. (Christina, Selkirk, NY)

Metal Taste Early Pregnancy Symptom – During my fourth week of pregnancy, I was trying to figure out all of my signs that I might be pregnant before I even took a pregnancy test. I had the normal signs of sore nipples, nausea, fatigue, and I had a metallic taste in my mouth. It was a taste like I had sucked on something metal in my mouth. I didn’t notice it until I hadn’t drunk or eaten anything for a period of time. (Trish, Boone, Iowa)

Period-like pains – I have recently found out that I am 5 weeks pregnant. I have been experiencing period-type pains and a dull ache on my left side in my abdomen. I have been to my GP and have been referred to the EPAU at the hospital where I have been given an internal ultrasound scan which revealed a sac, but it’s too soon to see the baby’s heart beat.

The sac appears to be in the right place, but the sonographer said that there appears to be some fluid that is above my uterus which can either mean early signs of an ectopic pregnancy or simply just a cyst that has leaked (I’m hoping for the second one).

I have to wait 2 whole weeks to go back and see if my pregnancy is progressing okay. I have a one-year-old son. When I was pregnant with him, I started to bleed at 5 weeks up until I was 16 weeks pregnant, and now he is a very active little boy. So it just goes to show that every pregnancy is different. (Julia Croft, Birmingham, UK)

Let me know about your most unusual pregnancy symptoms in the comments below.

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