CoQ10 For Fertility

CoQ10 is short for Coenzyme Q10 and is a fat-soluble antioxidant that increases mitochondrial function.  The mitochondria is the part of a cell where energy is produced.  CoQ10 is found normally in the body, but production decreases with age.  Thus, supplementation with CoQ10 is mainly intended for older individuals – both men and women.

So, what does this mean for improved fertility?

Because this nutrient is important for the energy and viability of each cell of the body, it’s an important nutrient for egg and sperm health.  And because the natural production of CoQ10 in the body diminishes with age, an “advanced age” couple can improve their odds of conception by its use.

For eggs and sperm, this means greater health and viability, which is what we all want when trying to conceive.  In women, it can help improve egg quality.  In men, it can help improve sperm count.

It is also very helpful for prevention of type 2 diabetes, and studies have shown that it improves insulin sensitivity.  This is beneficial for women with PCOS or those with insulin resistance issues.

Though not an herb, CoQ10 has been found to be a very helpful supplement for advanced age couples trying to conceive.

No human testing has been done for human females, but testing done on older female mice resulted in an increase in the quality and quantity of eggs ovulated.

Studies done with human men revealed an increased sperm motility after using 200 mg of CoQ10 per day over a period of six months.

FERTILITY CONDITIONS GOOD FOR:  Egg quality, sperm function, insulin resistance, PCOS, advanced age.

HOW TO USE:  200 mg for men /  400 mg for women – all month long.

Best absorbed when taken with fatty acid supplement such as borage oil or evening primrose oil.  Also best taken in divided doses instead of in just one dose per day.

PRECAUTIONS:  Can interact with some medications.  Consult with your healthcare provider before use if on any prescription.  Do not take during pregnancy unless specifically recommended by your healthcare provider.

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* This post is an excerpt from my book “The Best Fertility Herbs & Superfoods For Faster Conception.”

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