Coping With Miscarriage

You may be asking, “How do I go about coping with miscarriage when it hurts so deeply?” or “How can I go on living when my dream of having a child seems to have died along with this precious life I’ve lost?”

“Is there fertility after miscarriage?”

“Is there hope for getting pregnant after miscarriage?”

“Will I have problems with ovulation after miscarriage?”

All these questions and more afflicted me when I went through not one but two miscarriages in a row. (See My Story.)

Well, I’m here to say that it is possible to cope with miscarriage, to heal, and to move on – many times to a successful pregnancy. It does take time (which is hard to hear while you’re in the very heart of the pain), but you will heal and you will come through this.

As I share in my story and as many others can attest to (see below to read stories from others and to contribute your own story), getting pregnant after miscarriage is also very possible and very likely. You can achieve fertility after miscarriage.

In fact, I got pregnant with my first son the month right after my second miscarriage. They say to wait three months or more, but I decided not to and conceived right away. (Use your own judgment here, as sometimes we need longer than that to heal, both emotionally and physically.)

Ovulation after miscarriage should occur just as it did before you were pregnant, although sometimes a woman won’t ovulate the cycle right after a miscarriage. (Go here for more information on determination your ovulation date.)

Go here for help with improving your fertility after miscarriage.

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