Clomid Success Rates

Clomid success rates are one of the highest of all the fertility drugs. Therefore, many women choose this drug if they are not conceiving as quickly as they’d like.

An estimated 40-80% of all women taking Clomid will have success with ovulation. However, this does not guarantee a successful conception or pregnancy. Of those who achieve ovulation with Clomid, approximately 50% will conceive within six months.

Clomid success rates depend on several factors, including the cause of a couple’s infertility. Clomid is most helpful for women having ovulation difficulties, such as found with polycystic ovarian syndrome (or PCOS).

The fertility of the male partner is also a factor in the success of Clomid usage as well as timing of intercourse. Chance also plays a role in whether or not a Clomid cycle is successful.

Even couples with no fertility problems who have intercourse at the optimal times have only about a 20% chance of pregnancy in any given month due to the complexities of the reproductive system.

It is important to know how Clomid works in order to understand its high success rate in achieving conception.

How does Clomid work?

Clomid is used to help regulate or induce ovulation. This fertility drug influences the way that reproductive hormones work in the body and interact together. Clomid sends a message to the pituitary gland to indicate that estrogen is low, which induces the production of more FSH and LH, leading to the release of one or more mature eggs during ovulation.

Clomid Success Rates and Twins

Clomid is often used by women who are undergoing assisted reproductive methods where multiple egg retrieval is required, which is called superovulation. This production of multiple eggs increases the chance of conceiving twins.

The use of Clomid and twins occurrence can be as high as 10% with there being five times the amount of fraternal (non-identical) twins as identical twins.

It is important to note that multiple-birth pregnancies have higher risks involved. Therefore, it is not recommended to use Clomid for the sole purpose of conceiving twins.

Cost of Clomid

With Clomid being one of the least expensive fertility treatments available, the cost of Clomid ranges between $25 to $75 per month without insurance, depending on the pharmacy you use.

Using Clomid – Best time to take Clomid

For those using Clomid, the best time to take Clomid is on days 3 to 7 or days 5 to 9 for about five days out of the monthly cycle. The dosage ranges from 50 to 300 mg.

Vitex is considered by some to be an herbal Clomid.

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