Causes of Miscarriage

So what are some causes of miscarriage? Why do they happen?

Most miscarriages that occur in the first trimester occur because of chromosomal abnormalities. These factors are out of our control. As many as 30% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage, many before the woman knows she is pregnant.

Let’s look at some of the causes of miscarriage.

*Blighted Ovum – This is also called an “empty sac” or “non-viable” pregnancy. This is where the fertilized egg implants but does not develop. Although pregnancy symptoms can still be there, and you will have a positive pregnancy test, your pregnancy hormone (HCG) will not increase properly. Your HCG level should about double every few days early on. If it doesn’t, your doctor or midwife will probably want to do an ultrasound to find out what’s going on. If they don’t see anything in the fetal sac, you can expect pregnancy loss is forthcoming.

(Note: They will likely recommend a D&C, even if you are early on in your pregnancy. I never had a D&C because I wanted to let the natural process take its course. Also, I wanted to make sure that there was no life there that I would potentially get rid of. God creates life, and I didn’t want to presume to take it away.)

*LPD or Luteal Phase Defect – This is where the luteal phase of your cycle is too short to sustain a pregnancy. Read more about LPD here.

*Incompetent Cervix – This is when the cervix begins to widen and open too early in pregnancy (during the middle, usually in the second trimester). Your cervix should be closed, and your doctor or midwife will look for a closed cervix during your prenatal exams.

*Ectopic Pregnancy – Because most ectopic pregnancies are located in one of the fallopian tubes, they are many times referred to as tubal pregnancies. However, the fertilized egg can also implant in an ovary, the cervix, or even a C-section scar. An ectopic pregnancy may feel just like a normal pregnancy early on, having some of the same common early pregnancy symptoms. However, as an ectopic pregnancy progresses, other symptoms develop.


Read more about ectopic pregnancy here.

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