Your Ovulation Testing Questions Answered

I have had quite a few questions lately concerning ovulating testing with ovulation kits.  The following questions sum up what many women are wondering.  I hope the answers to these questions will help you too.

Question – I’ve been using ovulation kits starting this past Monday. The ovulation test came up with 2 lines, but one was very faint. On Tuesday I did another test, and it came up positive, but I had no discharge, so I decided to wait for clear, stretchy discharge.

Sure enough, on Wednesday I had A LOT of discharge, but then it dried up and my test came up negative. I decided to try for pregnancy anyway, but am a little worried that I may have missed it because of test results. So confused. What does this mean???

Answer – It’s best to start testing with the ovulation kits on around day 10 of your cycle (depending on your cycle length) with day 1 being the first day of menstrual bleeding. With ovulation test strips, both lines need to be about the same darkness for the test to be positive. This is different than pregnancy tests, with only a slight second line making it a positive result.

With ovulation kits, there is a control line that is always there and there is the test line that shows up when the LH surge is increasing. You need to wait until the test line is as dark or darker than the control line before considering it a positive. Once this happens, you should stop using the tests. Ovulation is supposed to occur within 12-36 hours of this positive.

Using these tests along with basal body temperature (BBT) charting will help you determine if you have, in fact, already ovulated or not. Simply looking at the consistency of your cervical fluid is not an indicator in itself that you already ovulated.

Question – I am on month 5 of trying to get pregnant. This is the first month I have tried the ovulation testers to test ovulation. My periods have remained regular since coming off the pill. I have a 26-day cycle, and I started the ovulation predictor kit on the day the kit told me to start tracking and I still haven’t ovulated.

Its Aug 2nd, and my period is due on the 14th of the month. How close to my next period can I ovulate? Should I keep testing or just start all over again after this period?

Answer – This really depends on how regular your cycles are. If you have been tracking consistently for the past 5 months, and you always have a 26-day cycle, then you can be pretty sure that this month will be the same.

You didn’t say whether or not you have been tracking your basal temperature each month. This is a better indicator of when you ovulate each month. Some times certain factors can alter your OPK test results – such as drinking too much water, taking medications, and not taking the test around the same time each day.

So what do you do?

Make sure to NOT test first thing in the morning. A woman’s LH will typically surge in the morning, but this surge will not show up for a few hours. The best time to check is between 12 noon and 8 pm each day, but it’s important to check around the same time each day.

Don’t test after drinking a large amount of water, as your urine will tend to be diluted. If your urine is diluted, you may get a negative result when in fact the result should be positive.

You may ask, “Well, how do I know if I’ve drunk too much water?”  If your urine is very pale yellow or clear when you urinate, your urine is probably too diluted. It’s best to not drink anything at all for a couple hours before testing.

If you are on medications, especially hormonal medications for fertility, check with your doctor first to make sure one of the ovulation kits would show accurate readings for you.

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If you have specific ovulation testing questions that are not answered here, please ask in the comments below.

More Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Here are some more early pregnancy symptoms to help you know early on if you could be pregnant or not. I know from experience that when a woman is trying to conceive she’s very anxious to find out as early as possible if she’s pregnant. Therefore, she likes to know what others have experienced as very early symptoms of pregnancy.

These women have written to let me know what other early symptoms of pregnancy they have had besides the symptoms from my Very Early Pregnancy Signs page.  Just as every woman is different, every pregnancy can be very different.

See if you can relate to any of these symptoms, and please, if you have any other symptoms you’d like to add, drop me an e-mail with the form below. I’d love to hear from you and be able to add your individual early pregnancy symptoms.

Early Pregnancy Symptom of Excessive Spit – I have had two children and noticed one of the earliest pregnancy signs I had was excessive spit. (Glenda, Kentucky)

Gas-Like Pregnancy Symptoms – About 7 years ago while I was at work I was hit with really bad pains in my lower abdomen. I thought that I had really bad gas pains, so I went to the bathroom like every ten minutes and of course I wasn’t passing anything. So I ended up leaving work due to the pain.

On the way home from work I bought a home pregnancy test. I didn’t think that I was pregnant, but I thought “well maybe”. I hadn’t missed my period yet. I was four days away from when I was due.

The next morning I took the test and sure enough I was pregnant. Ten months after having my son I got pregnant again with my daughter, and I had the same pains so I knew it wasn’t gas. (Christina, Selkirk, NY)

Metal Taste Early Pregnancy Symptom – During my fourth week of pregnancy, I was trying to figure out all of my signs that I might be pregnant before I even took a pregnancy test. I had the normal signs of sore nipples, nausea, fatigue, and I had a metallic taste in my mouth. It was a taste like I had sucked on something metal in my mouth. I didn’t notice it until I hadn’t drunk or eaten anything for a period of time. (Trish, Boone, Iowa)

Period-like pains – I have recently found out that I am 5 weeks pregnant. I have been experiencing period-type pains and a dull ache on my left side in my abdomen. I have been to my GP and have been referred to the EPAU at the hospital where I have been given an internal ultrasound scan which revealed a sac, but it’s too soon to see the baby’s heart beat.

The sac appears to be in the right place, but the sonographer said that there appears to be some fluid that is above my uterus which can either mean early signs of an ectopic pregnancy or simply just a cyst that has leaked (I’m hoping for the second one).

I have to wait 2 whole weeks to go back and see if my pregnancy is progressing okay. I have a one-year-old son. When I was pregnant with him, I started to bleed at 5 weeks up until I was 16 weeks pregnant, and now he is a very active little boy. So it just goes to show that every pregnancy is different. (Julia Croft, Birmingham, UK)

Let me know about your most unusual pregnancy symptoms in the comments below.

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Achieving Pregnancy After Miscarriage

(Guest post by Shuntel in Australia)

I’m 25 years of age, and I’m writing this story to let you all know there is hope out there for everyone, and when you least expect it, it will happen.

My partner and I had been trying to conceive for 6 and a half years with no success, so i made an appointment with the doctor to see what he suggested.  He suggested I go and have an ultrasound, so I went and had two done to get a second opinion.

A few days later I had an appointment to get told my results to find out I had PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome).  I then was on some medication to lower my insulin level. The medication mad me very sick, so I decided to stop taking it and make an appointment to see a fertility specialist.

A week before I was due to see the specialist I went for a drive in a Mustang my cousin was thinking of purchasing.  That night I come home and had severe cramping and blood clots the size of eggs.

My partner come home from work and saw I wasn’t well, so he decided to go buy a home pregnancy test.  I was in so much shock to find it was positive, but very happy at the same time.

I went to the hospital, and they ran some tests and an ultrasound to find everything was going well and I was between 5-6 weeks.  I had my hormone levels checked every 3 days, and the third time I went to get my results i was told the news that nobody wants to hear – I was going to miscarry.

She recommended that I have a D&C, but I wanted to have it naturally. I never thought I would ever find out the day I would be pregnant.

During this time, my partner’s mother and younger sister moved to QLD.  I spent a lot of time with his mother helping her settle in etc.  Then 6 weeks ago she kept telling me I need to do a pregnancy test because I was glowing.

This time I refused because I thought that the chances of me conceiving again with a healthy baby would be very slim.  But with everyone on my back I  decided to do the test.

I went and bought one, came home, and did it. While I was holding it, I was thinking to myself, “God, I just wasted time and money getting this test.  It will only come up negative.  I shouldn’t have listened to everyone.”

But I decided to look at it to find to very strong lines.  The feeling was undescribeable – so many mixed emotions!  I thought that the only way I would find out if I was pregnant again would be signs of another miscarriage.

I was booked in for an ultrasound.  The first one said I was 5 weeks and 6 days, so they sent me get some blood tests done twice to make sure the hormone levels were getting higher.

I had another ultrasound nearly 2 weeks ago to find out I was 10 weeks pregnant and a strong heart beat of 171 beats per minute.  It was absolutely amazing to see it moving around and just to see that little heart beat going like crazy.

I am now nearly 12 weeks 🙂 and I’m just so very lucky to be pregnant.  I hope that it ends in a healthy pregnancy, but all I can say that there is hope.

I have found all you need to do is give up hope and don’t think about it.  Keep your mind occupied all the time.  You don’t need to try a thousand and one medications, and i know because im proof of that. 🙂 If you have any questions please dont hesitate to contact me or reply back,

Best of luck to you all out there TTC!

Conceiving After Miscarriage

(Guest post by Erica)

I got pregnant with my first child when I was seventeen and had not planned on it.  The pregnancy went really well until the end when I went into labor early.  The doctors were on it and put me on bed rest and medication, and then right on time my healthy daughter was born.

Shortly after I had my daughter I got on birth control that wrecked my body, so I had to switch.  In the process of switching birth controls I once again got pregnant, but I miscarried at about 5 weeks.  I chalked it up to the birth control, but little did I realize the path I would be taking from then on.

One thing I have not mentioned is I am Rh negative, so after every miscarriage I had to receive a Rhogam shot to prevent antibodies from building up in my system.  At the time of this early miscarriage I really honestly did not know much about being Rh negative and thought it was just something I would have to worry about when I was pregnant.

The doctors forgot to give me the shot, and since I didn’t know I needed it I went home and recovered.

A couple of years down the road my husband and I, the father of my first child, decided to try for another baby. I miscarried a total of four times with each time the length of my pregnancy increasing, the longest being over 11 weeks.

I quit telling people I was pregnant so that I wouldn’t have to tell them I had miscarried.  I was tired of it.  I couldn’t understand why it would be so easy for me to get pregnant with my daughter but find it so hard to conceive a child we were planning for.  I felt horrible for my husband who didn’t know how to console me and was also suffering from the continued loss.

After my fourth loss, I got fed up and went and saw a specialist.  All the tests were run, and as I sat in that office I hoped he would tell me something.  All he could tell me was I was healthy and that the miscarriages were probably from not receiving the first Rhogam shot but that it shouldn’t stop me from having further pregnancies.

I left his office frustrated due to lack of answers but also feeling a little relieved that there was nothing seriously wrong with me.

A month after that visit, I got pregnant again.  This time I waited until I was three months along to tell anyone due to the fear of loss.  I had my son several months later – a healthy boy.

When I look back at the heart break that came with those losses, I just have to look to my two healthy children.  I’m not saying the what-ifs aren’t still there, but they make it a little easier to know that it was not all in vain.

When it all comes down to it the moment you have that child you have tried so hard for and you look on their tiny face the battle seems worth it and the sadness seems less.

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Pregnant Again After Miscarriage

(Guest post by Lori)

Is it possible to become pregnant again after miscarriage? The answer is overwhelmingly yes.

Fertility often returns immediately after an early miscarriage and makes conception even more possible immediately.

Having a miscarriage whether it’s an early or later one can be devastating.

Especially if you were trying to conceive – I’m sure the number one question on your mind is “How soon can we try again?”

If you ask your physician you will likely hear the answer, “Wait 6 weeks to 3 months.” They say this to give your hormones, uterus, and body a chance to recover from the miscarriage. It allows the uterine lining to rebuild, which is especially important if you had a D&C.

However, it’s possible to become pregnant immediately if you miscarried naturally. This happened to me, and here’s my story.

I took chemical birth control pills from the time my first baby was born in July 1995 up until March 1997. My body had a hard time adjusting to the pill. I would take one strength and end up not having a period at all to bleeding all the time. I suffered headaches and mood swings.

When my husband and I decided that we’d try for baby #2 in summer of 1997 I quit the pills on March 4, 1997. Thinking that my body would need about 3 months to balance my hormones, I didn’t even think about becoming pregnant at that point.

On April 3, 1997, my husband and I were in New Orleans having a mini-vacation. My belly began to hurt. The pain increased over the day and by that evening I was in such pain that he took me to the ER at Tulane University Medical Center. They ran a battery of tests and x-rayed my abdomen 5 times. The lab made a mistake, and the blood hCG test was indeed positive.

Imagine my surprise and horror that this happened. First, this may explain the pain I was in. Second, the 5 x-rays weren’t good. They sent me up to labor and delivery to run more tests. After a night’s stay and receiving IV fluids, the doctor came in to tell me the bad news.

He said I was pregnant but was going to miscarry. He didn’t say why – just that my “numbers” didn’t look good. It explained the pain. He sent me away with instructions to go see my physician back home, see them if I didn’t start to bleed within a week for a D&C, and see them if I did start to bleed to get care for the miscarriage.

I walked around New Orleans for 2 days knowing I was pregnant and fearing the impending miscarriage. The day we left (April 6) I began to bleed. I bled and cramped heavily for 8 long days. I went to see my doctor who said there was nothing that could be done, that these things just happen. She put me on prenatal vitamins and told me to take it easy for a couple of months.

For the entire month of April I was so sad – sad that I lost a baby that was supposed to be born that December. But we were still so busy and had another out-of-state trip to Houston toward the end of the month.

I remember when we arrived I had this unusual craving for anything meat. I couldn’t get enough of it. When we arrived back home, I remember thinking that it was strange that my usual PMS wasn’t showing.

My sister-in-law called me on May 7, early that morning, getting me out of bed. I raced to the phone and she was calm and said “Lori, how are you feeling?” I was puzzled and told her fine – in fact so fine I didn’t even have PMS. She asked if I had a pregnancy test, and I did. She said, “Go take it, and call me back with the results.”

I told her if she didn’t hear back that it was negative, which I fully expected it to be. Afterall, I just had a miscarriage 4 weeks prior. I figured conception was impossible at that point.

I took the test, and was so surprised to see those double lines! I was pregnant again!

I called my doctor who told me to go on to see my OB, and he got me in the next day. I had a transvaginal ultrasound the following week that showed a very healthy sac and a tiny heartbeat.

My baby was due on January 13, 1998. But my daughter was born 4 weeks early on December 16, 1997 – just 5 days past the due date of the miscarried baby! I had my December baby anyway!

What amazed me was that I conceived about 2 weeks after this miscarriage. My pregnancy was uneventful, except for the breech position of my daughter and the caesarean I had ended up with. She was just fine.

My 2nd miscarriage happened on February 1, 2005. I was just over 6 weeks along, and my doctor said, “These things just happen sometimes. It’s nature’s way of dealing with an inferior pregnancy.” I became pregnant again in September of that year (with my 5th baby) and carried my daughter to term.

It is possible to become pregnant again after miscarriage. The key to success is to take good care of yourself. Don’t try to conceive immediately after a D&C or after a miscarriage that occurred later than around 6 weeks.

Give your body time to recover and the uterus time to rebuild a good lining. If you do get pregnant immediately, see your doctor as soon as possible. Chances are good to carry a pregnancy to term and deliver a healthy baby.

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